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‘Working with Jessie has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.’ – Amanda, MA

Coaching Focus

As a Professional Certified Coach, I focus on helping you clarify your true life path and follow it. I help you build the life you are meant to live. My coaching is centered on the principles of self-awareness and self-care. I offer a comprehensive approach that is designed to guide you as you review your life and make critical decisions about what stays, what goes, and — often the most fun part — what gets added.

‘Jessie helped me focus on what was important. She helped me sort out my priorities, encouraged my goals, and helped me get back on track.’ – Robin, VA

Comprehensive Approach

The initial stage of my coaching program is helping you complete a comprehensive review of your life. I help you evaluate the spheres of your life including your health, your relationships, and your career. Equipped with this vital information, the next step is for you to prioritize the aspects of your life. This is the stage where you make the important decisions about what stays and what goes.

‘Jessie is an excellent listener and her thoughtful, encouraging words inspire me to continue taking productive steps toward my personal goals. She consistently cheers me on in my intention to lead my ideal life!’ – Alyssa, NC

Often in life we can lose sight of what we care most about and stop doing the things that fulfill us. They can get lost in the shuffle of work, family life, and other responsibilities. We may even lose touch with people we love.

In coaching you get to decide what goes and what stays and often make a reconnection with hobbies and people that were once joy-giving and have fallen to the wayside. Passions such as playing an instrument or writing can be resumed and neglected friendships can be rekindled. This is where the real magic of rebuilding begins.

‘I look back and see that, with Jessie’s help, I’ve taken risks and pushed through a mountain of self-doubt. As a result, my quality of life has improved tremendously. I have a better job, a better place to live, healthy routines, and better relationships with the people I love. While I recognize that I did the work to make all of that happen, I wouldn’t have done it without Jessie’s coaching.’ – Amanda, MA


A major part of my work is helping you take excellent care of yourself. Self-care is always important, and it becomes crucial in times of stress. I work closely with you to help you design a custom self-care plan that fits your schedule and your preferences.

‘Each session with Jessie is one of the highlights of my week because I know I am going to leave with concrete things to do for myself that promote balance and growth.’ – Amanda, MA

Steady Support

Throughout the coaching program, I am a steady source of positive encouragement and support. In our coaching relationship, I provide consistent, dependable support as you navigate new life territory.

‘Jessie was brought into my life when I most needed guidance and she has continued to be a positive light and influence on me. Jessie is inspiring to all she meets with deep kindness, absolute understanding, and unconditional love.’ – Stacey, NC

Life Coaching Process

I meet with my clients according to their needs. For most clients that’s a weekly 30-minute session by phone. Once you have a good idea of your path, we can meet less frequently for a checkin and to handle new challenges that pop up. Each session we focus on what you want to work on to reshape yourself and your life.

‘Jessie has an intuitive understanding of human nature and is gifted at connecting on a level that in itself feels healing. Not only do you leave with a sense of well-being, she equips you with tools to use daily to create a masterpiece of your life.’ – Ann, NC

If you are ready to revamp your life, I would love to help. Book a free coaching session, a 30-minute Zoom call to get to know each other. I can learn more about you and your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about working with me.

Your future is waiting and I’d love to help you get there.

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