Hi, I’m Jessie Benson and I’m a Professional Certified Coach who draws on my experience as a physician and meditation teacher to help others clarify their true life path and follow it.

Through an initial and systematic review of nine key areas of your life, I can help you with the exciting process of revamping your life so you can be healthier and happier.

I help my clients through many life challenges including job changes, relationship changes, and physical and spiritual well-being changes.

Throughout all this work, I want to help you answer the question of what is your true life path and support you as you build a meaningful and truly fulfilling life.

As your coach, I support you as you walk through the process of letting go of what was if it no longer serves you and encourage and guide you as you decide what will be. Coaching can be an amazing opportunity to build a deeply satisfying life aligned with who you truly are, and it is my purpose to help you do just that.

‘A year later, Jessie has coached me through some of the hardest times and some of the most beautiful transitions of my life so far. She’s helped me see who I am, what I’m capable of in this world, and (probably most important for me) she’s held me accountable for the kind of growth I want to have.’ – Amanda, MA

My Path to Life Coaching

I did not head directly into being a life coach. I began my professional path as an anesthesiologist and ICU physician. During my years working in the hospital, I helped patients and their families through the challenges of illness and loss. It was in these moments of connecting with my patients — helping them face their fears, helping them find their strength, helping them come to terms with letting go of what was and embracing what is and what can be — that I was doing what I am meant to do.

Once I came to this realization, I left my hospital practice to help people achieve wellness in an entirely new way. Drawing on my training and experience as a physician, I support my coaching clients in identifying barriers to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and guide them as they design and implement plans to overcome them. Clients are empowered to make real, sustainable changes that improve their overall health and cultivate well-being in all aspects of their life.

Being a life coach is the perfect fit for me. In the several years since completing my training, obtaining certification, and serving clients both one-on-one and in workshops and retreats, I have come to further realize that what I enjoy most about coaching is two-fold: helping my client see their strength and beauty, and helping my client truly build a healthy, meaningful, deeply fulfilling life.

How I Can Help You

Deciding to seek life coaching can be a fork in the road where you get to decide who you really want to be and the life you really want to live. If you are at this place, I would love to join you on your journey and help you build your best life possible.

If this sounds like the next step for you, book a free coaching session, a 30-minute Zoom call to get to know each other so we can figure out how to help you move forward and truly live.

Feel free to email me: jessiebensoncoach@gmail.com


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